Capturing The Essence Of Your Best Moments

Imagine if you have absolutely no camera or any device to take pictures of your wedding. If i was to ask you the week after to describe the celebreations, what will your description be like. Will it not be a montage of the best, happiest and most emotional moments from that day?. You'll recollect the moments that left an imprint on the canvas of your heart and the snippets that went by in a heatbeat but made you smile.  Well, thats what my camera searchs for, the moments that left an imprint, and showcase you in the form that you imagine yourself to be. 

This yearning for stories has come from my journey of being raised in the army olive greens and a well nurtured addiction to travel and see what lies beyond the seen. Ive told stories from the depth of deep and gory coal mines to the dreamy and bloody hills of northeast and kashmir. Covered weddings from the vastness of india to destinations in Turkey, Europe and southeast asia. The one thing that i bring with me to any project that i undertake is the essence of this line "i am the sole creator of the only memory you will have of this day, so theres nothing that i can leave to chance to fullfill this responsibility"

Varun Bhasin Photography