Naina and Abhinav


Sometimes in our search for a perfect world we overlook the beauty in the minuteness of life, in the small things. In order to create a perfect day, we forget the moments which fuse together to shape it. In those moments, lies the love story of Naina and Abhinav.  Two strangers brought together by destiny and the playfulness of this universe. Never met before and non existent in each others world till the day they decided to meet. From there on it was the moments which shaped this dreamy union. Abhinav, subtle simple sophisticated delhi boy who probably is poetic in a lot of ways than he realises. Naina, a chandigarh girl with a blend of maturity of a woman who knows what she wants and a child who basically wants everything, she's grace in flesh. They met on the banks of a lake and spend hours talking to each other like they have known each other for ages. There on everything happened like a cool breeze on a warm morning, soft smooth and seamless. A romantic proposal with a ring made out of a strand of grass to the a star studded wedding in Jaipur, all events flowed like clockwork.  The celebrations took place in fairmont jaipur, which was larger than life and still packed the coziness and warmth of home. A blast of colours, dances, friends, craziness, emotions, laughter, tears and a flawless transition into a blissful future. we wish both Naina and Abhinav a perfect tomorrow and a loving today. 

Written Date

16 Feb, 2019


Varun bhasin