alright .. its a simple story ...girl meets boy and boy meets girl and the boy asks her out and then they come closer in love and then they get married.. thats what it is . ONLY.. that its not .. so sanya and himanshu know that they are perfect for each other but then marriage for them is like .. BLAHHH ... and then the two decide to open a business venture together. That does well, but himanshu is a seperate brand in himself, so they decide maybe they should get together and unite the brands ..MAAAYBE an engagement isnt that BLAAH an idea.... so then that happend and then now since that has happened, y not get married .. and then "varun mera wedding shoot karega " .. 

ok so thats how it rolled out, seems more like a business venture and a deal ....yeah.... ONLY that its not.. ive known sanya for years and we almost had made a deal years back that i will shoot for her when she gets married... she a ferociously independent punjabi woman, self made to the hilt of perfection... himanshu, a south boy, who ive known long enough to understand that people with a creative bent of mind are somewhat irritatingly attractive .. a subtle, somewhat reclusive guy who has an aura of such self calm about himself that its infectious .. he has a wild side too which adds so many more layers to him. As far as romance goes, I've always had a problem with people trying to define love and romance in such parameters and predefined ways that it always falls short. These two, in the typical text book way are far away from being romantic. BUT ..something works with them and works so beautifully,  that it feels complete and whole. 

The wedding had been planned way back in their minds and the card had a creative touch where even me .. "the camerewala" figured. GOA was choosen as an obvious destination for the wedding. There could have been no other place in india as both sanya and himanshu have felt more at home on the sands and beaches here in goa, than the madness of bangalore or pune. Everything from the layout of the tables to the lights on the roof , from the menu to the flowers on the patheway was sanya and himanshu. The events were based on love and compassion rather than following the mundane religious methods. Needless to say the three days was a blast of booze, dance, laughter, tears, joy and a union which redefined the way we look at love and romance. 

This was the easiest and the toughest shoot for me as a camera weilding enthusiast. Easy because, i could call sani and himanshu and tell them what and where exactly we wanted to shoot and also suggest changes to the venue a bit. Tough because ..its sanya and himanshu, i could not afford to screwup even a single image and also that finding them sober was tougher than finding Nemo. 

so you two love this and live this party forever.. hope u stay insane and stay "high" 




Written Date

16 Feb, 2019


Varun bhasin